Our Story


Holston Gases was founded in 1958 by Pat Baxter and Bob Walsh in Knoxville, Tn. They were a 2-man operation that grew to employ many others. They did so through personal attention and superior effort made to satisfy their customers needs.

In 1976, Baxter bought out Walsh. In 1981,  Pat’s son Bill joined the company, then in 1983 growth began in earnest. By 1990 there was a need for additional management depth, and Robert Anders joined the company. Over the next few years, Anders and Baxter groomed additional management talent internally. They also added people from national companies who sought the family owned, independent atmosphere that Holston offered.This combination has worked well.


Holston has grown to 39 locations in 6 states, with customers in 11 states. Steady, strategic acquisition continues, on top of a strong commitment to internal growth in existing locations.

Managers typically take over a branch operation and stay there for many years, running it as if it was their own business. They are part of the community and become involved in business, social and recreational activities. They take pride in representing Holston Gases and in their role in local industry and commerce. And they take the lead on our various efforts at “giving back” to our communities. This is part of our business philosophy.

We are proud of where we have come from, proud of where we are, and excited and optimistic about where we are going. And we would be proud to earn your business, build a relationship, and keep you as a valued, long term customer.