Tungsten Contamination

Work Connections in the Welding Circuit

Welding Cable Size

Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

This training video explains what Flux Cored Arc Welding is, how to identify a FCAW electrode, and gives a few tips on the proper technique used for FCAW.

Ar vs. Ar/He (GTAW)

-A quick illustration of the difference between Argon & Argon/Helium and how they can affect the GTAW process.


Posted: 7/09/14


This training video’s purpose is to give a better understanding of the short circuit mode of metal transfer and how to get started in the right direction for setting a machine. We discuss some general ideas of what short circuit will sound like and how to get started with the appropriate settings.

Posted: 12/16/2013


This Training video’s purpose is to give some advice on troubleshooting common problems in the GMAW process.

Posted 11/22/13


This training video is to give a better understanding of the spray transfer method of metal transfer. Also to help one be more comfortable to adjust the parameters to optimize weld settings for spray transfer. There are video clips of spray transfer with a high speed camera and also live welding clips behind a filter lens.


This Training video is designed to give a basic understanding of setting up a GTAW (TIG) system. We discuss the torch, consumables, tungsten, machine hook-up and a little bit about the process. If you need to learn how to assemble a Tig Torch before you have to do it in front of a customer this is an excellent refresher.


Posted: 7/09/13

Selecting the proper filler metal for Aluminum

Quick Tip: Push vs. Pull

Quick Tip: Aluminum Tig Bead Profile


Importance of Correct Tungsten Preparation

Using the Balance Control for Feature

Setting up your new Millermatic 125 Hobby MIG welder

Selecting the Right Gun for Aluminum Welding