Specialty Gases

Holston Gases is your partner for high quality specialty gas products and related handling equipment. Our focus is on safety, quality and reliability of supply. Our pure gases, calibration standards and disposable safety mixtures exceed industry standards. Our knowledge of gas handling equipment ensures your gas delivery system will maintain the gas quality and accuracy. Let us make it easy for you to source the products you need!

Types of Gases

• Pure Gases Grades 4, 5 and 6
• Nuclear Counter Mixtures
• Calibration Standards
• Electronics Gases
• EPA Protocol Mixtures
• Anaerobic Atmosphere Mixtures
• Disposable Safety Mixtures
• Rare Gases
• Modified Atmospheric Packaging Gases
• Hydrocarbon Gases
• Refrigerant Gases
• Hydrocarbon Standards
• Laser Mixtures
• Metals Processing Gases

Gas Handling Equipment

• Regulators
• Manifold Systems
• Gas Cabinets
• Flow Meters
• Purge Systems
• Gas Safety Detectors
• Gas Purification Filters
• Cylinder Holders and Racks
• Valves
• Alarms
• Scales
• Telemetry Monitoring Systems
• Particulate Filters
• Pigtails
• Liquid Dewars
• Mass Flow Controllers