Bandsaw Blades

Holston Gases is a certified weld center for bandsaw blades. With over 30 years of experience, we can weld wide blades for wood, metal, or any other material.  Call us for help with cutting application questions. We offer 1⁄4” to 2” wide blades for any application.

Signs That You Need A Replacement Bandsaw Blade

Blade Cracks and Fractures

The presence of cracks and fractures on the blade is an indicator that it’s time for a replacement of your band saw blade. Typically, dull blades generate heat more rapidly compared to new ones. Moreover, dull blades tend to execute cuts at a slower pace, resulting in the formation of cracks and fractures on the blade’s surface. These fractures and cracks signify strain due to extensive usage. When a visual examination of the band saw blade reveals such imperfections, it’s advisable to consider installing a new blade.

Noisy Operation

Machinery generates a considerable amount of noise. While operating your bandsaw, you become attuned to the usual sounds produced by your equipment. Nevertheless, if the saw emits squeaks and you notice an excess of noise, it’s an indication that a replacement blade is needed. Additionally, if the blade cuts slower than its usual pace accompanied by increased noise, this further underscores the necessity for a blade upgrade.

Teeth Stripping

If you consistently ramp up the feed pressure to achieve efficient cuts or observe sluggish cutting performance, the teeth of your blade are beginning to strip. You’ll also observe heightened heat as the blade strains itself to accomplish material cutting. Stripping is a natural part of wear and tear, serving as an indication that your blade has fulfilled its lifespan.

Inaccuracy in Cutting

Bandsaw blades are favored for their ability to deliver clean, satisfactory cuts in metal. However, as time goes on, the blades degrade, leading to imprecise cuts. When undertaking a project, precision is vital for achieving accurate dimensions and maintaining overall work quality. Dealing with incorrect cuts is inefficient, and the solution to this predicament lies in replacing the blade.