Dry Ice

Holston Gases has serviced the Southeast since 1958 – so the money you spend stays within the local economy. We look forward to earning your business in food processing, medical applications, general maintenance, or packaging.

Dry Ice Information

Carbon dioxide turns into solid dry ice at -109.3°F (-78.5°C). The ice in your freezer becomes solid at or below 32°F (0°C).  CO2 doesn’t melt, it sublimates, transforming from its solid state directly back into carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide vapor is released during sublimation and can cause asphyxiation. Always use in a well-ventilated area, and never put in your mouth.

Popular Dry Ice Uses

  • Accelerated Plant Growth
  • Asphalt Cooling
  • Bed Bug Removal
  • Broken Freezer
  • Broken Refrigerator
  • Camping
  • Carbonate Liquids
  • Chemotherapy
  • Containment Tank Repair / Removal
  • De-Flashing Molded Plastics and Rubber
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Fishing / Hunting
  • Flash Freezing Sushi / Fish
  • Fog Visual Effect
  • Freezing Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Meat Processing
  • Green Burials
  • Inerting Medium
  • Kills Clothes Moths
  • Lures Mosquitos Away
  • Medical Uses
  • Plumbing
  • Preserve Seeds and Grains
  • Remove Car Dents
  • Remove Skin Imperfections
  • School Science & Experiments
  • Shrink Metal Fitting
  • Special FX & Theatrics
  • Welding Motorcycle Tanks