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Holston Gases has been locally owned and operated for more than 60 years. So all the money you spend on our products and services stays within the local economy. We’re a family business that values you as a customer.  When you call us, you can talk to any of our staff from the president of the company to your sales representative. It’s just the way we do business.

Cylinder & Bulk Gases
Holston Gases offers a complete line of Industrial, Medical, and Specialty Gases available from our 34 strategically located distribution centers. Holston Gases operates fully equipped production facilities in Knoxville, TN, Louisville, KY, and Decatur, AL while filling selective gases in all distribution centers. All of our filling facilities are Board of Pharmacy licensed and approved for Medical Gas Production. In addition, Holston Gases offers a full-line of gas products available in bulk form. Delivered directly to the customers site into storage vessels, our experienced staff installs and  maintains.

Industrial and Welding
That’s why Holston Gases offers only the highest quality welding and industrial supplies. For over 60 years, Holston Gases has been helping our industrial customers choose the right product for the job at hand. Our trained sales force, coupled with the expertise of the leading manufactures we represent, insures that our customers have access to the products that will make them more successful.

Restaurant CO2
There is nothing worse than having to turn customers away without serving them the drinks they want. With bulk CO2 from Holston Gases, the customer no longer has to worry about changing cylinders. If you are looking for a dependable supplier, and your restaurant needs a bulk system designed and installed, or just a bulk system changed out, our restaurant CO2 division will give you the service when you need it.

Dry Ice
Whether you are in the Food Industry, Cleaning Business, Medical Sciences or Life Sciences, Dry Ice is becoming an efficient way of keeping product in an ideal state as well as being a cleaning agent when blasting. And, there’s No cleanup! We currently service Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Asheville, and we look forward at the opportunity to grow together.