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Rome, GA

Our Rome location got a new Route Delivery truck and updated their propane filling plant. This new truck our first palletized truck in Rome and is a 12 pallet tandem axle truck. The new Propane plant increased their existing storage capacity from 1000 gallons to 4000 gallons and added two additional filling stations.  These improvements will enable us to better serve our customers and support future growth in Rome and the surrounding area.

Honor Air Knoxville


Honor Air

We were proud to be the full sponsor of the 20th HonorAir trip to Washington, D.C., which made it possible for 187 veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War to visit various memorials in our nation’s capital and receive a much deserved “thank you” from officials there.  There was a beautiful American Airlines charter aircraft to fly the veterans to Washington and top rate tour buses, which met them at the airport and transported them to the various sites for their visits.  Upon their return on Wednesday night, they were greeted by over 1,000 friends and family, a Naval Band, and the Central High School Band, all celebrating their return and once again thanking them for their service to our country.

We at Holston Gases are very proud to have sponsored this trip as we have had many veterans and reservists work with our company over the years.  Additionally, our co-founder, Pat Baxter, served in WWII as a Glider Pilot, flying several missions in Italy.  He successfully made it back from the war and made a success with our family owned business, and therefore we consider this HonorAir trip to be sponsored by “one of their own.”  Bill Baxter told the veterans at their departure, “It all comes full circle, and one of your own is sponsoring this trip.  We know he would be proud!”

Bill Baxter

Rick (Bullet) Corum’s 40th Anniversary with Holston Gases!

On December 8, 2015 we celebrated Rick (Bullet) Corum’s 40 anniversary at Holston Gases in the break room at the Knoxville location. Rick has spent his entire working life at Holston Gases being hired in (date) by our founder Pat Baxter. Rick has been a fixture in our plant training and mentoring his teammates for decades and his positive “get it done” attitude is infectious.

Holston Gases could not have grown the way we have over the last 58 years without people like Rick.  Congratulations Bullet for your great career with Holston and thank you for all you have done and will do in the years to come.

Robert Anders


Veterans’s Day

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our employees  who have been courageous enough to serve this country.

  1. Robert Bowen-01
  2. Ira Shinpaugh-01
  3. Nathan Farquharson-01
  4. Stuart Ulseth-02
  5. Charles Stubblefield-03
  6. Mickey Trent-03
  7. Ricky Moselley-03
  8. Dewey Kennedy-06
  9. Robert Choate-06
  10. Jeff Crum-06
  11. Steve Bowyer-06
  12. Richard Long-06
  13. William Brooks-07
  14. Joseph Riley-07
  15. Dwayne Carden-07
  16. Jack Parton-07
  17. Paul Brockwell-07
  18. Bryan Ross-08
  19. Mark Williams-10
  20. Nick Noland-12
  21. William Durrett-12
  22. Roger Lay-13
  23. Gary Payne-17
  24. Adam Stewart-20
  25. Justin Boatman Allen-20
  26. Scott Petrie-21
  27. Kirby Shipman-28
  28. Marty Oakes-28
  29. Robert Jones-31

Holston Gases stands behind our veterans!