Holston Gases understands the importance of medical gases, and has the strategically located distribution centers to make sure that your hospital or medical facility never runs out of medical gases.

The fully equipped medical gases production facilities in Knoxville TN, Louisville KY and Decatur, AL make sure that your clinic or doctors office will always have the medical gases needed to help patients and to save lives.

All of the Holston Gases filling facilities are Board of Pharmacy approved and licensed for Medical Gas Production by the FDA giving you and your hospital or medical clinic confidence when it comes to ordering medical gases.

The full line of medical gases products can be delivered in bulk directly to your site in proper storage vehicles. The full line of medical gases available from Holston Gases includes blood gas mixtures, nitrous oxide, and oxygen. Other medical gases that you may need from Holston Gases include helium, carbon dioxide, argon, laser and gas chromatograph, lab atmospheres, calibration atmospheres and of course, any type of custom gas mixtures that your hospital, doctor’s office of medical clinic may need. Holston can even supply medical air.

Holston Gases explains that medical air is clean compressed air that healthcare and hospitals use to distribute its medical gases. Medical air contains no particles, is free from contamination, and has no odors or oil the air is dry in order to prevent any sort of water buildup in the pipeline.

Depending on the size of your facility, Holston Gases can deliver anything from 20 CF capacity to a giant sized tube trailer. Holston Gases also sells a full line of specialty and rare gases specifically for the medical industry.

According to Holston Gases, medical gases supplies in healthcare facilities and hospitals are essential for saving lives and healing patients. The gases are piped through various parts of the hospital or medical clinic and are usually monitored by an alarm system.

If you would like more information regarding medical gases or any other type of gas, call and speak to a team member from Holston Gases today.