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Unlike other cylinder and bulk gases suppliers in the United States, Holston Gases specialize in both medical and specialty gases. If you have a medical or dental practice, you know how important it is to have your medical gases delivered on time and in the right location.

Holston Gases has a full line of Blood Gas Mixtures, Nitrous Oxide, and Oxygen at the best prices in town.

Holston Gases explains Blood Gas Mixtures are used in an analysis of blood gas to measure pO2, pH, and pCO2. When determining the pCO2 and the pO2 in blood samples, the professionals can diagnose any respiratory issues in order to support various surgical procedures. This type of blood gas testing is fast, reliable and accurate.

According to Holston Gases, there are two different types of Blood Gas Mixtures. One containing a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and the other containing nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The Blood Gas Mixtures supplied by Holston Gases are both accurate and precise.

Medical and dental practices that rely on Nitrous Oxide can depend on Holston Gases as Holston Gases operates fully equipped production facilities in Decatur, AL, Louisville, KY and of course, Knoxville, TN. All of the Holston Gases filling facilities are Board of Pharmacy licensed and have been approved for Medical Gas Production by the FDA.

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